"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 33 - "South Africa: From Necklacing to Farm Murders" Aug. 31, 2023

Darin from S. Africa, Joined by Joanne who Helps Farm Killing Activist, Petrus Sitho - Petrus Unable to Join the Conversation - Joanne Teaches English to Chinese Children - Joanne Knew a Couple Who Were Killed in a Farm Attack - Violence in Pietermaritzburg - Joanne Finished High School the Same Year Apartheid Ended, Raised by a Black Domestic Worker, Played with her Child - Growing Up, Had Little Understanding of the Reality of Apartheid - History of Tension
and Violence Between Xhosa and Zulu - Shaka Zulu - Nelson Mandela, uMkhonto we Sizwe, the Paramilitary Branch of the African National Congress (ANC) - Winnie Mandela's Involvement in Kidnap of Four Youths, Death of Stompie - Winnie Mandela and Hillary Clinton - The Horrible Vigilante Execution Method of Necklacing, "Tire, Petrol, Matches" - Watching and Celebrating Public Executions - Death by Panga (Machete) - Rwanda Genocide - Racism - Julius Malema, Economic
Freedom Fighters (EFF), "Kill the Boer" - Nelson Mandela Would Never Renounce Violence - Ramaphosa - Darin Talks About Warranted Violence by Blacks Under Apartheid - Liam Neeson on Rage Over a Rape, Racism - How Marxism Uses Race,
Critical Race Theory (CRT) - Alan Watt on Blending Communism and Capitalism, Public-Private (Fascism) - Petrus Sitho Feels Called by God to Bring Awareness to South Africa's Farm Killings - Crowdfunding for Petrus - The Recent Trip
Petrus Took to Protest at BRICS - Petrus Receives Many Death Threats, "I've Got Your Necklace for You." - Spread the Word about Petrus' Efforts and Farm Killings.

Petrus Sitho's BackaBuddy Crowdfunding - Raising Awareness of Farm Killings

PPS Stop Farm Killings SA

Petrus Sitho - Facebook

Petrus Sitho - Tiktok

Petrus Sitho - WhatsApp +27 73 008 4105

Nelson Mandela - by J. Burmeister

UMkhonto we Sizwe - Revolutionary arm of the ANC

The other side of the story (Caution: Graphic Images)

Death By Tire Fire: A Brief History Of “Necklacing” In Apartheid South Africa

Why Nelson Mandela Was Viewed as a 'Terrorist' by the U.S. Until 2008

The dark side of Nelson Mandela

Winnie Mandela is found guilty (1991)

Winnie Mandela accused of ordering love rival's murder (1999)

Winnie Mandela found guilty of fraud (2003)

Boiling a frog: Ramaphosa’s patient battle for the soul of the ANC

Ramaphosa must explain why he compared white people to a frog in boiling water

Black vs white racism media coverage in South Africa: report

1 million killed by machete, club and gun: Rwanda remembers its genocide 20 years later (2014)

Attackers chant ‘Kill the boer, kill the farmer’ in BRUTAL farm attack

Two elderly women survive HORRIFIC farm attack near Caledon

Connecting the dots: Critical race theory and Gramsci Marxism

History Uncut - Inkhata - ANC Clashes (Caution: Graphic Images)

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