Home Alone Cat Surprises Owner With Most Ignorant Behavior

Published June 29, 2017 31,474 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensDo our cats actually miss us when we are gone? This video of a hidden camera observing a home alone cat will answer all of your questions!

A cat walks in the corridor where the hidden camera is placed and we can see one plastic mouse and a purple ball scattered on the ground. The cat has a poker face expression accompanied by a lazy attitude and doesn’t see very upset that the owner is gone. “Good, he is finally gone”, the cat slowly approaches the plastic mouse in the most nonchalant manner and starts snooping around. So, “let’s see what we’ve got here”, the cat snatches the mouse in its mouth and starts meowing while still mouthful!

The cat continues to drag the plastic mouse in and out the corridor, constant meowing and whining can be heard on the camera. We don’t know if the poor guy is missing his owner or is just bored to death no decent toys around the house. The cat walks past by that ball, completely uninterested by its presence. It is interesting to see that the cat walks away from the ball in the most ignorant way and refuses to give it a try! “You can’t fool me, human”, the cat is still holding on to the plastic mouse as it approaches the camera. “I know that my human has set a trap for me to play with but I don’t want to be told what to do!”

Not hesitating at all, the cat decides to ignore the purple ball and proves that he cannot be distracted that easily, after all. Again, the cat walks past by the ball, slightly interested, turning its back and walking away, refusing to play!