Bulldog bargains for spot on owner's bed

Published June 29, 2017 290,202 Views

“Puppy eyes” are the perfect weapon in a canine's arsenal, rendering all human opponent weak and susceptible to anything the dog wants. It's the perfect facial expression of innocence and a bit of sadness, and can change every person's mind in a matter of seconds.

This precious Bulldog called Titon does exactly that in hopes that his owner's heart will melt and he will let him to get on the bed with him. You have to watch this video to the very end to find out whether his mission was successful or not.

Although now they enjoy a status of beloved family pets, the Bulldog history is a sad one. Not many people know that their original purpose was to fight and to help butchers control their livestock.

On a more lively note, this breed is considered to be one of the most loyal toward humans, and that's why if you're thinking of getting a dog a Bulldog would be the perfect match. Who wouldn't want that cuddly wrinkly face next to their bed all the time?

They also make great watchdogs because of the courage they possess, and will almost always react if there is a situation. Feeling safe next to them, and having your heart melt by every cute little thing they do – now isn't that the perfect life?

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