This Is The Shortest Middle-Aged Man In India At Only 29 Inches Tall

Published June 29, 2017 2,919 Plays

Rumble An Indian man has become a local celebrity – because he’s 50 years old and only 29 inches tall. Basori Lal, from Madhya Pradesh in India, has become a hero in his village and is regularly visited by curious travelers from the surrounding area. Basori was born an average height but his family noticed he stopped growing at the age of five.

Basori lives with his brother Gopi Lal, who is of regular height, and Gopi's wife Satia. The couple consider themselves blessed to have Basori in their family. Even Basori himself is quite happy with his diminutive stature, saying that he eats, sleeps and works and lives like normal people.

When he was born, his family didn't notice anything strange about the child, because he was of average height, just like the rest of the children. It wasn't until Basori reached the age of five that they noticed he isn't growing. Until this day, no doctor has been able to find a diagnosis for Basori’s condition.

Basori experienced some bullying in his youthful days, but they are long gone. Now, Basori is content to spend his life living with his brother and working in the factory to earn more money for the family. He is indeed so happy, that he drinks a special toast to it each evening before bed, with a shot of whiskey to celebrate life.

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