Aging Room Quattro Sonata Maestro Torpedo Cigar Review

8 months ago

Aging Room Quattro Sonata Maestro Torpedo Cigar Review - This 6x52 box pressed stick features a firmly packed dark cocoa wrapper with a very oily, toothy feel, shaped tip and pungent sweet hay and campfire aroma. First light reveals a flawless draw with medium-full notes of a rich musty slightly sweet cocoa, creamy texture and flavor, with a bit of spice on the retro and a clean long finish of the same. The first third burns a bit fast but with perfect performance, still pouring out the smoke keeping the same complexity and adding a slight heat and spice on the long finish. The 2nd third continues the great burn dropping solid ash chunks, with flavors shifting to a musty slightly sweet cocoa and dark coffee, with a tony cayenne heat on the tail of the finish. Ending at 55 minutes the last third burns a bit slower, holding the same performance to the nub.

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