GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- David Morgan: Gold Miners Are Undervalued

10 months ago

The Silver Guru, David Morgan, is still recovering from a successful medical procedure (please add to prayer list for speedy recovery) with big forecasts for gold and silver aficionados.

- Is a new global monetary system imminent - CBDC based?
- Analysis on the new additions to the BRICS alliance.
- Credit card debt is reaching record levels, domestically.
- The final ascent could come soon for silver, surpassing $30 by the end of 2023 and $50 next year.
- Silver could blast to triple digits, once the $50 hurdle is surpassed.
- The new precious metals bull market underscores the need for gold in every investment portfolio.
- Gold mining companies may be undervalued, on an inflation adjusted basis.
- Importance of market volatility, diversification and trailing sell stops.

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