Life On Earth Without The Sun: What Would Happen?

Published June 28, 2017 57 Plays $0.14 earned

Rumble Let's throw a hypothetical scenario out there and say one day the sun just disappears. What happens to Earth? And more importantly, what the hell happens to us?
Imagine waking up one morning at the crack of 10 a.m., pulling back the curtains on your bedroom windows, only to find yourself staring into cold, bleak darkness. Now, if you are a permanent resident in a country affected by polar night, this should not come as a surprise. But if you are somewhere towards the Equator and you expect to see the sun at full power over the sky, then your instincts would be telling you that something is definitely up!

What if the above scenario you unknowingly found yourself in was caused by the sun ceasing to exist? You might never need to purchase sunscreen ever again, but Earth needs the Sun to survive. The last ray of sunshine will hit us about 9 minutes after the Sun goes bye-bye and all the planets will head out in space on a straight line. After 24 hours, all plant life will start to die, so you better pick up those crops you took so much care for. Trees might keep up for a while longer.

Basically, life on Earth would have come full circle. That is, if we don’t hit something on our way there.
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