Puppies Thrown From Car Window Find A New Mamma

Published June 28, 2017 33,148 Plays $98.84 earned

Rumble The ways nature connects living beings can be strange sometimes. As people say, when one door closes, another one opens.

Such is the case of the half border collie named Blossom, a shelter dog that lost her newborn puppies. It left her heart completely broken, but fortunately her sorrow did not last for a long time.

A miracle happened; six puppies were in need of a motherly love and care. Blossom’s foster mom heard that a litter of newborn puppies were thrown out of a truck window. The tiny orphans were so cute and unprotected, that the rescuers needed to do something so they can grow up into happy doggies.

People were not sure whether Blossom will accept the little ones, but the motherly instinct is always stronger than anything else. It was worth a shot. She just sniffed them and that was the crucial moment. Blossom just accepted them and from that moment on, they were “her” puppies. She climbed on the bed and started cleaning and feeding them. The connection was set immediately, nothing could have separated them.

After uniting these puppies with the now extremely happy mom, their whole world has changed. It truly was the best thing for both parties and it melted everyone’s hearts.


  • Goffauxsherry, 1 year ago

    That's like Destiny

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  • Graceunderfire10, 1 year ago

    God was so pleased with the animal He created as a companion to man He gave them His name backwards. Dog, what a perfect name for such loving and loyal companions!

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