The Secret Nazi Weather Station in North America

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Published: June 28, 2017Updated: July 4, 2017

After the regular Nazis and the grammar Nazis, it is time we finally embrace the weather Nazis. Come again?

In the Northern Hemisphere, weather systems move from west to east, which meant that the Allied forces, controlling North America, Greenland, and Iceland, had an advantage when it came to understanding weather patterns and what was coming their way in Europe. This knowledge was a pivotal advantage and impacted military decisions. The conflict between the Allied forces and the Germans over accurate weather data was so intense, it has been called the North Atlantic Weather War.

In what has been called “the most important weather forecast ever”, meteorologist predictions led to D-Day being postponed to June 6, 1944 from the original date of June 5 (waiting for weather calm enough to attack across the English Channel).

Germany experimented with weather planes and submarines, which did give them some information, but isolated planes and submarines were often caught (and destroyed) by Allied patrols that were seeking to preserve their advantage in weather data.

German scientists at the Siemens Company found a way around this problem by inventing the Wetter-Funkgerät Land (WFL). While this sounds like an amazing name for a Euro-Dubstep band, it’s also the name for an automated weather station.

Find out more about this Nazi secret on North American soil in the video above!

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