5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Empire State Building

Published June 28, 2017 403 Plays $0.84 earned

Rumble There are many things that some people know and most do not. Some of those facts can either be really interesting while as others can be very boring. We bet that most of you didn't know about these 5 interesting facts about the Empire State building! It’s been featured in many movies over the years; it’s one of the most photographed buildings on social media, and 110 million people have visited its observation deck. This is one interesting video that you are not going to want to miss!

By now, most of the world knows that the Empire State building is. It is one of the Big Apple's biggest tourist attractions as well as one of their oldest building! It has so many years on it that there it has experienced and went through so much! There is bound to be at least a fact or two in this video that you did not know! Some of these facts are really shocking! Who knew that an old building would have so many interesting facts about it? So sit back, relax and enjoy the video!

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