The Dark Side of Los Angeles: Oil

InterestingShitPublished: June 28, 201722 views
Published: June 28, 2017

Before they were making movies in LA, the city was an oil town. In the 1920s, LA produced over one quarter of all the world's oil. Today you can still see signs of the petroleum industry, if you look close enough.

The City of Angels sits on the third largest oil field within the United States. The LA Brea Tar Pits in the middle of the city have oozed tar and oil for thousands of years. Bones of animals were found trapped in the tar and preserved over the centuries.

Back in the 20s, LA produced 25% of the world oil. From Santa Monica to Huntington Beach - the beaches that Los Angeles in famous for were covered with oil derricks.

Today, there are over 3000 active oil wells in the Los Angeles Area. Seeing how oil production is an ugly business, the industry tries to hide it from the eye of the public. Fake buildings are erected on top of the drilling sites, there are fake tropical islands, there is one beside the stadium at Beverly Hills High School, even by the Beverly Hills Mall! Have you noticed it?

Now, Los Angeles produces around 250.000 barrels of oil a day.

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