Husky sleeps in hilariously awkward position

Published June 27, 2017 7,895 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPrepare for another hilarious dog video! In the video, a husky sleeps in a hilarious position that cannot help but to make you laugh out loud. Huskies are known to be active and high energy. This one is super calm, relaxed and just plain happy! Many people can relate to this dog as more than once we've all woken up in a super weird sleeping position. This dog highlights this beautifully and manages to create a memorable pet moment! Good thing the owner managed to capture this on video without waking it, or else we would have never seen it!

Isn't this dog just plain out adorable? It highlights what we all secretly want to do on the inside, especially during work or school! It's innocent pose that is in that awkward position shows that it really must be in a deep and peaceful sleep. Don't you wish that you had a husky or other pet that sleeps like this?

This husky looks so tired. It's owner must have bought many dog toys on Amazon to have this dog so tired! After all, playing with your pet a lot will tire them out, maybe even to a point like this!

Do any of your animal companions have funny sleeping positions? Let us know in the comment section!