Rocket launch highlights for ULA Delta IV Medium+

Published June 27, 2017 100 Plays

Rumble / SpaceSet phasers to fun as this amazing video of a rocket launching is truly something that should be seen by everyone! Rocket enthusiast and viewers alike will be captivated and transfixed watching this awesome video! This video shows a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Medium+ 5,4 rocket lift off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's Space Launch Complex 37. The video is a mix of live shots from Cape Canaveral's Exploration Tower, as well as remote videos placed at the Cape's SLC-37. So cool!

Isn't the idea of space exploration the coolest? It is all possible because of rockets like these going out of our atmosphere and documenting the universe! It is cool to think that human made objects such as these will be going to places that human kind have never been before! This is a video that space lovers should not miss!

Although you can't own your own big rocket like this, you could always get a model rocket kit on Amazon to quench that need for space exploration! Or at the very least have something cool to fly around on the weekends!

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