Little Boy And Basset Hound Tag Team To Get Food

6 years ago

Maverick (the baby) is 2 and Leroy (the basset hound) is 1. They are buddies and spend all their time together at home. Leroy steals Maverick's snacks and toys so he tends to hang around him waiting for his next treat. Mom calls them her twins, because they are essentially the same age and get into <a href="" target="_blank">mischief</a> together throughout the day.

“Maverick was trying to get into the fridge and Leroy was nearby. He pulled him by the collar over to the fridge and climbed up on him to open the door and look in. This has never been done before and Leroy does not follow directions for anyone in the house on a normal basis. He is still a puppy and definitely not trained. I'm still shocked that he stood there and let Maverick use him. After a few seconds Leroy leaves Maverick hanging as he walks away." says the proud mom.

This adorable video showcases <a href="" target="_blank">best friends</a> at it's finest! Maverick and Leroy make an adorable duo that just can't help to brighten up your day! They create a such a hilarious video that you just can't seem to click away! They also look so cute together! They are going to be the bestest of friends forever!

Maverick must get the best dog treats for his best buddy! If he ever runs out, he could always buy more <a target="_blank" href="">dog treats on Amazon</a> to satisfy his buddy's hunger!

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