Because of Importunity w/Kirk Guillot - Watchmen Radio - 08/29/23

10 months ago

Guest: Kirk Guillot


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Divide and conquer is a known military tactic employed by Sennacherib against Israel, and used today by #Democrats against the USA with endless illegal aliens.

Identity believer-ism dividing Christians

Ask Seek Knock is a persistent beseeching, like in Luke 11 where bread was given to his friend, only because he kept asking in faith, his constant requests, and not because they were friends.

Luke 18 tells us to keep asking in faith for lawful requests like healing since we are promised healing in 1 Peter 2:24, and all things that pertain to life and Godliness in 2 Peter 1:3

Kirk does a bible study where the Holy Spirit urges to remind them: “tell them what I’ve done for you.”

Also studying Genesis 6 Biblical Giants.

We have 5-15 people from all over the world, Ghana, England, India, etc watching the Lord transform us.

I was diagnosed with leukemia, and it transformed my life to rely on Christ for minutes and healing and think about other people, putting others ahead of you.

We go to study Gods word, and we trust him more as we step out in faith.

Account of healing of progressive blindness, by command of eye infection to come out, and it came out by orange ooze, where he then said, “I am starting to see now.”

It adds many to the kingdom when we are healing others.

Brazilian kid prayed for people to healed about 700 times with little success, until suddenly it started working all the time.

Passing out tracts will cause God to bless you as you put the kingdom of Heaven first.

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