Siberian Husky "chats" with Golden Retriever puppy

myhuskymaxPublished: June 27, 2017Updated: June 28, 20177,936 plays$19.89 earned
Published: June 27, 2017Updated: June 28, 2017

Dog lovers prepare for cuteness overload as this interaction between these two dogs will warm you up! While walking Max, he and his owner meet an adorable Golden Retriever named Reagan. At first they seem confused by each other but then they begin to open up more! They even start to bark at each other, talking as if they are people who are carrying out a conversation! This is the first time Max is willing to play with a puppy, and their interaction is adorable! This is truly a moment that pet owners will remember!

Isn't this whole interaction just adorable? It is so cute that you just want to take both of these dogs home together with you! It is amazing to see these 2 intelligent dogs being careful around one another as well as communicating and understanding each other. Hopefully these two dogs will continue to be friends with one another!

It looks like these dogs really like to play, so their owners should get them some dog toys on Amazon. Who knows, they might even share if they ever see each other again!

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