GoPro attached to Clydesdale horses running free in meadow

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Published: June 26, 2017Updated: June 27, 2017

Samson is an amazing Clydesdale horse who now lives at The Mane Intent, in Indian River, Ontario. He is an enormous and powerful beast with a surprisingly gentle soul. He works magic at a place where horses and humans interact and bond for a truly unique experience. People go there for many reasons, but one of Samson's many specialties is connecting with people who are dealing with grief and sadness. He also helps people learn about themselves through their interaction. All of the horses in the herd have come from a different background and have found their way to The Mane Intent where they bond with people who come seeking either a therapeutic experience or an opportunity to learn and develop understanding.

Samson loves the herd and loves the meadow where he runs like a carefree child. A GoPro mounted on his halter allowed Samson to capture footage from within the herd as they frolicked and galloped on a warm summer day. You can see the action from Samson's eyes as he follows Belle, another Clydesdale, and ten other horses through the grass and up a hill. Here, they stop to graze and enjoy each other's company in the sunshine.

It's hard to forget the sight of a horse in the distance at full gallop, but it's simply breathtaking to see the whole herd running with joy from the eyes of a horse.

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      einsteinparrot ยท 1 year ago

      Watching these videos of Clydesdales makes my humans thirsty for a Budweiser!