Jealous Newfoundland refuses to let couple hug

Published June 26, 2017 289,007 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesNuk the Newfie is only 10 months old, but that's more than enough time for a dog of this size to prevent other people from hugging. He wants hugs, too! Some would argue that this pooch is jealous that his two favorite humans hug without him, but we say that he just desperately wants in on the hug!

Newfoundlands are well-known for their sweetness, gentleness, and devotion toward humans. In fact, that sweetness is a hallmark of the breed. They're the perfect family companions, with a special affinity toward children. Some people call them the "nanny dog." That's why we can see a bunch of videos online that star these beautiful dogs taking care of children and babies with great care.

Not only they are sweet, but they are great protectors too, especially of their loved ones. Maybe that's why Nuk over here doesn't like being left out of the couple's hug. Or maybe he thinks that that's something dangerous and he should stop it. Being the huge pooch that he is, it's more than understandable that he managed to make his plan work, and while the couple did not stop hugging, he at least threw some obstacles along their way.

So remember, either never hug in front of your Newfie, or let it take part in the hug too! Love is sharing, and sharing is caring!

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