Clay Clark Goes Off on Vivek Ramaswampy for Being a Corrupt Dishonest Big Pharma Executive

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With Ron DeSanctimonious tanking in the polls, many conservatives are turning to Vivek Ramaswamy as the Trump-lite candidate. Unfortunately, he may be even more compromised than DeSantis, which is saying a lot.

Clay Clark joins The Jeff Dornik Show fresh off of this weekend's ReAwaken America Tour in Las Vegas, NV, to share the extensive research that he’s done on Vivek Rama”swampy”… and it’s not good, by any means.

What many forget is that he’s a Big Pharma executive that has done extensive work on artificial intelligence, gene editing and even going so far as to combine animal and human hybrid genetics. Throw on top of that, he’s historically been a Democrat, pushed for masks and even getting everyone vaxxed with the covid shots.

Oh, and don’t forget that he’s partnering with Pfizer on a new experimental drug.

Out of all the Republicans, it’s important that we not get distracted or attracted to any of the candidates besides President Donald J Trump. They’re all either out-and-out RINO Establishment guys OR they’re dishonest and corrupt politicians pretending to be America First, but truly being nothing more than a Trojan Horse for the World Economic Forum.

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