RNC Summer Meeting Sides With The Grassroots Activists

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6 months ago

Last week the RNC had their summer meeting. For anyone that turns their back on the people. The RNC said that the grassroots activists of the Republican Party have discovered and made it abundantly clear that there are recognized problems with the electronic election procedures and intentional complications of instituted systems that complicate, belabor and slow down our election processes.
It is our governor and lawmakers that are not supporting the people.
RNC resolved that election experts agree that the most resilient voting systems use paper ballots, either marked by hand or with an assistive device and are verified by the voter before any means of tabulation. And the RNC has unanimously opposed complicated election schemes like Ranked Choice Voting.
Last year the GA legislative session proposed Rank choice Voting for GA.
The RNC calls on state legislatures …to pass laws …. For full transparent hand counting procedures that are planned, timely and fully observable by the public…
Eliminating mobile voting centers and drop boxes.
Do not anyone on a state level or district level tell you in the state of GA that this is not important and is not something that the voters have concerns about. It is not wrong to ask lawmakers to call for a special session.
When a lawmaker says we don’t have the votes for a special session, then maybe we have the votes to vote you out. Don’t you think that when 61% say there was a problem with the election and Trump is holding 57% in GA, they are looking for a primary opponent.
Glenn Beck: “Trump’s federal election case goes to court on March 4, 2024. Wow What a coincidence! That’s the day before Super Tuesday. How is this NOT election interference?!”

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