Robotic Spy Puppy Meets Wild Dogs

Published June 23, 2017 343 Views

Rumble Nature truly is fascinating and very unique. It is very interesting to see all different walks of life that the world has to offer. A Robotic Spy Pup lives among a pack of wild dogs to film the emotional dynamics of wild dog life and capture the beauty of nature. By mimicking their body language he becomes accepted by the pack and documents the life of the pack. These moments are the type that need to be documented for future generations to see.

This clip clip from programme 1 'Love' of our BBC/PBS/THIRTEEN Productions LLC series Spy in the Wild. It was wonderfully narrated by David Tennant, with music by Will Gregory. This amazing video was directed and put together by John Downer. This team truly captured an amazing experience for the world to appreciate.

Nature truly is beautiful, sometimes you should take a moment an appreciate what the world has to offer.

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