SAPD police Officer sings Johnny Cash

Published June 22, 2017 1,106 Plays

Rumble During roll call, this SAPD police officer did something unexpected. This officer brought out a guitar and sang some Johnny Cash for the rest of the unit to hear. Fellow officers and viewers can't seem to turn away as this officer puts on an awesome performance to remember. This shows that police officers have a warm side too and aren't just there to give you tickets. They serve and protect fellow citizens and make the world a much safer place. If you see this officer on the streets, he may even sing you a song ;).

This officer truly has an amazing voice and is very talented. Johnny Cash's music can make you feel a number of different emotions and it takes someone talented to express those emotions through song. This officer pulled it off brilliantly, making the other officer's days better, as well as the viewer watching.

Many people around the world play instruments such as guitars, so why not give it a try? Music helps the body and soul and without it, the world would be a dull place.

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