What You Didn’t Know About the C19 Vaccine — Dr. Mike Yeadon

8 months ago

This is very heavy, very significant stuff — don’t miss it! It’s not an interview with Mike Yeadon, it’s a planned message that he’s making. Mike Yeadon is one of the best sources of truth in the world about the medical tyranny.

“My goal today is to give you, calmly and rationally, evidence that I hope will unequivocally persuade you of a couple of things. One is that these gene-based injections that they call ‘vaccines’ are deliberately, intentionally, carefully, skillfully designed to injure, to maim and to kill. That’s their only purpose.

“I’m going to briefly connect other things that are going on. … We are facing the denouement of a plan that put into place during the 1960s-1970s. Fundamentally, powerful people have decided that there are too many of us “useless eaters.” They intend to seize totalitarian digital control of every human on the planet and then to systematically kill most of us.

“No one is coming to save us, but WE can save ourselves, each other and our community.”

“Furthermore, every single gene-based product that they will threaten you with (and your children and your pets), they ALL cause your body to express something that doesn’t belong there, and ALL of them, axiomatically, will prompt, via your immune system, a lethal immune attack on every cell in your body that takes this damn stuff up and makes non-natural proteins.”

“These toxic injections were/are toxic BY DESIGN."
— Dr. Mike Yeadon

Sources: https://www.brighteon.com/7fcef3ed-3771-4bdd-8061-fc2f5fea6ab4 (1:21:16)
https://www.bitchute.com/video/Hc7xSAxX2osA/ (1:21:15)

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