The Family Who Bought A Zoo: Cute Baby Jaguar Arrives

Published June 21, 2017 31 Views

Rumble Ecstatic zookeepers at Paradise Wildlife Park have successfully bred their two jaguars - welcoming female cub Keira. While filming with Paradise Wildlife Park, we went behind the scenes to meet the jaguars and even caught them during a mating session in their jaguar house. Proud parents Kumal and Kedera were first introduced 18 months ago and hit it off straight away. After several months of trying, the proud parents have now welcomed the tiny little female cub into the world.

The miracle of birth and the creation of life is truly one of the world's greatest gifts. This little baby jaguar is so cute and it makes your heart melt that when you see it move for the first time. True love does exist even within the animal kingdom, as Jaguars Kumal and Kedera set relationship goals for all of us to follow.

Although you can't have your own cute little baby jaguar, you could always get a stuffed animal on Amazon to satisfy your cuteness needs.

Videographer / director: Jack Stevens
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Jack Stevens