Hygienic Hamster Adorably Washes His Face

Published June 21, 2017 450 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsBobo the hamster can bee seen here thoroughly washing his face with his cute little hands. Cuteness overload!

You might feel compelled to give your pet hamster a bath, but keep in mind that hamsters regularly lick and groom themselves clean. If your little rodent is healthy, he should have no problem keeping clean, as long as you maintain his little habitat clean as well. Both breeders and veterinarians strongly advise against bathing your hamster, unless there is a medicinal or a hygienic reason for intervention.

Novice owners might not be aware of the dangers that can associated with washing their hamster. These little beings catch colds pretty easily, which can turn fatal at a moment's notice. Plus, washing your buddy in soapy water will only lift the naturally occurring oils on it's skin and fur, which in turn may make the rodent look unhealthy.

Still, if you still want to help your little nibbler keep clean(er), there are some ways you can get involved without using water. Try wiping away the dirt by using a lightly moistened tissue or paper towel. By not means should you submerge the hamster in water and soap, because the creature will ingest the residue from the soap off his fur, which can potentially make it very sick.