British Police Officer Alan Godfrey's Alien Abduction With "Diamond Shaped" Ufo

FactWarehousePublished: June 21, 2017Updated: June 27, 201740 views
Published: June 21, 2017Updated: June 27, 2017

On November 28, 1980 Experienced Police Officer Alan Godfrey Was On Patrol In Todmorden, West Yorks. Godfrey Was Looking For Some Cows That Were Mysteriously Missing. He Was About To Head Back To Base When He Saw A Strange Oval Craft Ahead On The Road. He Stopped To Sketch The Craft When Suddenly He Saw A Flash Of Light And Woke Up Down The Road From Where The Craft Hovered In The Middle Of The Road. Godfrey Noticed That 15-20 Minutes Of Time Had Passed. Later Under "Hypnosis" Godfrey Recalls What Happened During Those Lost 15-20 Minutes.

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