Recreating a famous Olcott landmark

WKBWPublished: June 20, 2017Updated: June 21, 2017
Published: June 20, 2017Updated: June 21, 2017

They call it the Ye Olde Log Cabin but there is nothing old about this place. They are still putting on the finishing touches. Volunteers in the town of Newfane had a plan to rebuild the original Ye Lode Log Cabin which was dedicated in 1888 and torn down in 1957. Stella Wilson is one of the volunteers who saw the project from beginning to end. She did research, helped with fund raisers and was part of the ribbon cutting at Krull Park a couple weeks ago. In her words "I've been here pretty much everyday" The structure will serve as a museum and is already packed with pieces of the past celebrating Olcott and Niagara County history. The building is cedar outside and cedar with pine inside and smells fantastic. Stella says that people who live near by "when the logs were delivered could smell the cedar." There is no charge to visit. Ye Olde Log Cabin will be manned by volunteers Friday through Sunday, Noon - 5pm. Located in the Northern Part of Krull Park with a priceless view off the back porch of Lake Ontario. You can find them on Facebook.

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