Older Brother's Hilarious Reaction To Holding Newborn Sibling For The First Time

Published June 20, 2017 128,594 Plays $347.08 earned

Rumble We've all had those moments when meeting a new sibling or baby before. It can be scary holding something so fragile and unpredictable, yet it can also be exciting holding new life in your very arms. Here is a boy's hilarious reaction to meeting his newborn baby brother for the first time. As precious and heartwarming as this is, you cannot help to laugh when the boy receives his brother. Siblings really can be a handful.

This boy expresses what we all feel when we don't know what to do. His hilarious reaction shows that deep down, we are all just little kids scared and confused in this big world. Parenthood can be a hard thing and this boy quickly realizes this, but with close people and friends by your side, it is really joyous and amazing.

Taking care of a young baby can be hard, so this older brother could use some diapers from Amazon to help out his parents in the not so far future!

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