"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - Redux 124 - "Psyops and Revolution" Aug. 27, 2023

Baseball - Group Behavior - Transparency - The Media - Biggest Exercise in Mind Control and Mental Warfare on the Whole Population of the Planet - Psy-Ops and Revolution - Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Black Lives Matter - Communism Hides Behind Covers - The Cold War, Billionaires - Covid-19 Wartime Scenario, Event 201, Rockefeller's Lockstep - Control of Media - Gangs Run the World; Big, Organized Crime - Bioethics - The Scientific Takeover of Society - Carroll Quigley, CFR, RIIA (Chatham House), Rockefeller, Milner Groups - Endless Wars in the Middle East; PNAC - Business Plans - Tax-Free Foundations and Privately-Owned Think-Tanks Run the World - Book, Foundations: Their Power and Influence - Norman Dodd, Reece Commission - Free Trade - The Basics, Food and Water - Videos on WWII Farms (Britain), Blossoming of Government Departments - Conditions During Industrial Revolution - Winston Churchill, a United Europe - Heads of BLM Admit They are Trained Marxists; Antifa - Genocide in Rwanda - Real History is Inside You - Soviet System, Troops to Other Countries, Settle in the Area, Breed into that Culture - Normans, Prima Nocta - Learning and the Leisure Class - Socrates, Subversion of Youth, Training them to be Revolutionaries - Inner and Outer Parties - Elitism - Movie, The Third Man; How Psychopaths View People - Eugenics, Euthanasia - Plandemic Series of Movies - Gates, GAVI - News Organizations Parroting the Official Script; Standardized Information - In the 1990s, Dumping (Weeding) Books from Libraries; Censorship; 1995 Article in Canada, They'll Tap Our Phones to Please Uncle Sam; Late 1990s Canadian Omnibus Crime Bill with Sweeping Anti-Terrorism Powers.

Original audio and links "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "Elite's Working Complicity Toward Efficiency" - Aug. 30, 2020

Commission on Information Disorder - by Not Sure

Biden plans to ask Congress for funding to develop new COVID vaccine, may require shot for all

Tracking Orwellian Change: The Aristocratic Takeover of "Transparency"

Aspen Institute - Commission on Information Disorder (Nov. 2021)

Information Disorder Syndrome and its Management

Trusted News Initiative announces plans to tackle harmful Coronavirus disinformation (2020, Mar. 27)

Twitter Files

Wartime Farm - Part 1 of 8

The Third Man (1949) - Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, director, Carol Reed, writer, Graham Greene

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