Cucking of the Masses - Watchmen Radio -08/27/23

10 months ago

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Trump brings out Jezebels and Ahabs in opposition.

The fornication is a symptom of Jezebel.

Church needs to worship, and cast out devils and heal the sick front and center like Jesus did, to make life exciting and blessed, and to make church interesting for young men.

Fight the good fight of faith, and get your testosterone back. Spend time with other masculine men, come away from Ahab types.

Obama, Susan Rice, behind gender confusion.

Obama really was wearing that silver devil costume, and it’s been checked for alteration and it’s authentic.

Mandela Effect is still unfolding right now.

The Christian can get a Godly wife as they continue in persistent and sacrificial heartfelt Worship of Jesus, since per Psalm 106:47 we triumph in praise of God.

Evil drowns society with filth, and desires to control.

Fight to be a man of God by all means.

Come out of being under that Jezebel spirit, it’s a fight of faith.

What they do to children, must be stopped.

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