Newfoundland puppy masters "begging" face

SamsonAndSebastian Published June 20, 2017 1,365 Plays $3.86 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou just can't resist those eyes! You just can't say no to that face! All dog lovers know the feeling that you get when you see those puppy eyes coming from your dog. Chances are that you denied them something that they wanted which in turn caused them to break out their secret weapon. You can't say you blame them, with a look like that, why wouldn't you use them to your advantage to get whatever you wanted? This dog has it down pat!

Dogs will do anything for everything that they want. When you're eating dinner, you can bet that they will probably come up to the kitchen table and end up plopping their head in your lap. As soon as you look down at their face, you know what's up. They want your food and as soon as you glance at them, you've already lost. You give them some of the food to get them off of your case, but here they come back for more. It's hard to say no!

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Check out Samson as he perfects his begging face in this heartwarming clip. Too cute!