Ferocious parrot growls and fights with kitchen rug

EinsteinparrotPublished: June 19, 2017Updated: June 20, 201759 views
Published: June 19, 2017Updated: June 20, 2017

Growling is an instinctive defensive behavior and African grey parrots will growl in response to a perceived threat. It's a natural behavior that they exhibit in the wild with other flock mates. Einstein here is fine with the rug unless it is moved or replaced. He made peace with it by the end of the day with the continued reassurance of his owner.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have a parrot as a pet? Well hopefully this video might give you a little insight into what you might expect when taking in one of these clever guys. Obviously not all parrots behave like this, but if you get lucky with the right one, you never know what shenanigans might take place.

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Check out this angry parrot!

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