Squirrel narrowly escapes certain death from stalking cat

Jnrgreenscapes Published June 19, 2017 1,592 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeWe've all seen close call videos here and there every once and a while. Usually they'll involve a motorized vehicle losing control and just barely avoiding a person or other vehicles. Well here is one that involves a little bit of predator and prey. This squirrel was just minding its own business when BAM the neighborhood cat comes out of no where and begins to chase this furry fella.

Squirrels are pretty chill creatures, not usually ones to both any creature bigger than itself. And cats are known for their love of mice. Maybe this cat thought that this was just an extra fat and extra furry mouse that it could eat. They say that cats can be silent killers in the wild, as its brother and sister species are, and this is just proof of that.

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Its a tough life for this squirrel, but he does end up getting away after being chased up a tree by a cat. Close call!