Toddler has huge argument with dad about candy

Published June 19, 2017 63,275 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsAll parents have been here at one point or another. A child's love for candy goes unmatched. During all of the big holidays and celebrations, you can bet that the only thing that they are looking forward to is the candy and junk food. And when you deny them, they can express some excellent reasoning that you never knew that they were capable of. Well this little girl does exactly that when she is denied her candy.

Of all the time that you spend with your kid, you can bet that you'll get called by them almost a million times a day. For all you older mothers out there, isn't this just a trip down memory road? And for all you soon to be mothers, this is a quick little glimpse into what's to come. How adorable is this little girl?

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Check out this little girl engage in a hilarious debate with her dad about candy. Future lawyer on our hands!