Stretchy, Weighted Sock Activity for Children with Sensory Processing Disorders

Published June 17, 2017 324 Views

Rumble Children and adults with autism, sensory processing disorders or other disabilities often enjoy the sensory stimulation provided by weighted materials and activities that involve pushing or pulling. I filled some long stretchy socks with bags of sand and attached handles to each end. You may also use stretchy sleeves or pant legs from clothing instead of socks or tights. Cut some handles from detergent bottles and attach to the stretchy heavy material and see how much fun they have! I have used this with clients to motivate reaching, grasping, shaking, pulling and other movements. Some clients find this calming and it may decrease agitation.
This activity can be incorporated into sensory motor games such as... Players hold an end while others run under or step over the "Sensory Socks". Try it, it's fun!

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