People need to learn to pull up on their bike jumps

Published June 16, 2017 607 Views

Rumble / Epic FailsWhat is it that makes people think “oh this is easy, anyone can do it; I’ll do it right now!”, grab [insert prop here] and then proceed to make complete asses of themselves, right in front of the digital camera!

If you ask us, we would say it is the ever faulty confidence! Confidence is a funny thing. It makes you feel good when you need it, but more often than not, it is confidence which gives the world of internet it’s much desired fail videos!

This woman clearly thought that she could pull of a bike jump off a dirt ramp, but someone failed to inform her of the numerous calculations and preparations she needs to do beforehand. So she takes off, ever so slowly and sticks face-down into the dirt on the other end. We hope her face didn’t hurt as much as ours did from the facepalm!