Naughty Parrot Wants The Purple Comb All To Himself!

Published June 16, 2017 95,669 Views $462.78 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsEinstein, the African Grey Parrot, found his owner's comb on the counter, so he decided to have some fun with it. What can a parrot do with a comb, you ask? Well, they can certainly practise their percussion skills with it for starters. After Einstein hits the comb on the sink a few times, he stops and places the comb down on the sink. The teeth on the comb seem to be bothering him. No worries, Einstein comes up with a great plan!

Einstein thought the teeth on the comb were too long so he decided to make them shorter by gnawing at them! His owner certainly wasn’t happy about it. There goes that comb! No one can use it anymore, it has officially become Einsteins new instrument, lucky for him!

When she confronted him with his deed, Einstein said he was sorry, but it seems like he’s only doing it to get out of trouble for now. Right after he apologizes, he gets right back to gnawing on that comb! What a naughty parrot! If he wants something, he is going to get it, that comb is officially his!

What a crazy parrot!

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