Cat Enjoys Quality Time With Five Adorable Bunnies

Published June 16, 2017 45,422 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsRed Baron the Tabby Cat is probably wondering why it has these five really funny looking kittens around him! At, least, that is what he thinks they are, seeing how he is coming close to them and bumping heads with each and every one of them. The bunnies have definitely caught this cats eyes! Who wouldn't want to be friends with five adorable bunnies? So adorable! These bunnies are so easy going, they love the company of Red Baron! They let him approach them and he licks them one by one, so funny!

This is definitely a version of the Garden of Eden, bunnies living with cats, hummingbirds flying around, simply amazing! The scenery is just beautiful! Who knew bunnies and cats could get along so well? So cute! Red Baron is such an awesome parent, look at all the love he is showing these bunnies! This cat doesn't care if they are bunnies or cats, he loves to spend time with his new friends! They have many more exciting adventures ahead of them!

Check out Red Baron the Tabby Cat enjoying time with his new bunny friends!

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