MAKEOVER! Turning 40 and Need An Update, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

TheMakeoverGuyPublished: June 15, 2017Updated: June 16, 201716 views
Published: June 15, 2017Updated: June 16, 2017

Subscribe : - Visit Website : - Sarah decided for her upcoming 40th birthday she'd bring a few friends and have a makeover day. Amy Z created a beautiful balyage haircolor, I kept the length but reshaped the layers, and Amy Goulet showed her some ways to bring out her deep set eyes. Joann Hopkins gave some advice on how to dress an Sarah's body type our exlusive silhouette analysis


Hi, what's your name?
Sarah: My name is Sarah Ritzen.
Robert: And Sarah, how'd you hear about us?
Sarah: From a coworker, actually. She came here and did the whole makeover, and she looked fantastic afterwards.
Speaker 4: And then I'll pull some pieces through, some that are dark and some that are light, so it's kind of like high-lights and low-lights without the foils.
It'll be soft and beachy and gorgeous.
Sarah: Perfect!
Speaker 5: She has a little bit of redness on the skin under her lashes. So to get right, tight up to there, we're going to put a little concealer on and then, as you can see on this side, we already did concealer and a white eyeliner underneath. So now, white on the waterline will help to take away the redness on the inside part of the eye.
Sarah: I'm turning forty next month and I'd like to just look that age. Not that age, but a youthful looking forty, I guess.
Robert: A young forty.
Sarah: Yes.
I love what everyone has done. I think that it was magical experience, if I can say that?
Christopher: What are the colors?
Sarah: Yes.
That's the thing I'm most concerned about is my hair because I've taken a lot time to grow it out.
Joann's fantastic.
There were a couple of honest conversations which I was ...
Robert: Doesn't surprise me!
Sarah: No, and I was little ... It was good to hear but just ... It was really an eye opening experience for me. I look at clothing a lot differently now and put thing together a little bit differently, which is good.
Yeah, I'll be coming again!

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