Smokey's Reunion at Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center

Published June 15, 2017 174,648 Views

Rumble Some of you may already know Smokey's story. For those who don't, Smokey was discovered at the end of March (this year), tied to a tree at a West Palm Beach homeless camp. He had burns all over his body and was clearly distressed. The chain that bound him to the tree was cut and Smokey was safely removed from the brushfire area. He had severe burns on his torso and both hind legs. Smokey was brought to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue, immediately. From there, it was determined that Smokey would need extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. During the several weeks that he was with us at JPESC, Smokey received multiple blood transfusions (THANK YOU "Shadow")!!! , daily baths and bandage/wrap changes. In addition, he received treatments in the hyperbaric chamber to help with reduction of swelling as well as pain from the multiple burns. Eventually, he started to eat again (with the help of his "friends," aka our nurses). In time, he became less fearful, more trusting, and finally began to realize that he was on the road to recovery! Smokey still has a long road ahead when it comes to his wounds, both physical and mental. Smokey came back to see us after being gone for a short period. He absolutely remembered everyone that took such amazing care of him! He is such a sweet boy and was recently adopted by one of our nurses! WE LOVE YOU SMOKEY!!!!!!