MAKEOVER! Casual and Natural, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

Published June 15, 2017 278 Views

Rumble Subscribe : - Visit Website : - Debbie was growing her hair out for her daughter's wedding and didn't want to lose much length. So I buzzed it off into a crew cut. Kidding. The kick in this makeover was the creative haircoloring with hand painting and a darker nape. The makeup by Amy Goulet helped her look more dewy and fresh and still fit her casual lifestyle. A fun gal.

Debbie: Debbie, Kimball, Minnesota.
This is the longest my hair has been in 25 years. I used to always wear it short. It's amazing. I felt pampered and listened to, it was good. I have a daughter getting married in January and she really likes my hair long, so she doesn't want me to get it cut back short. I just need a style I can work with, now that I've got all this hair.
You dry, you just flip this with a brush. That's it. Wow.
Hairstylist: I did it more like ... Use your blow dryer like this.
Debbie: I'm 52 years old, and I've never done anything like this. I thought, why not? At may age, if you can look younger, that's a bonus. The makeup tips that they gave me were awesome. Easy things, not very time consuming. That's the main thing.
Speaker 4: Get your highlighter and just tap that on the top. This is just going to make it look like your skin's very dewy and fresh.
Debbie: Dewy and fresh. Wow.
Camera Man: Look at that.
Speaker 4: When you turn, you'll see some luminous, but it doesn't settle.
Debbie: Okay. Just open for something that's easy, fits my lifestyle.
Camera Man: But then you're going to be doing this every day when you wake up right?
Debbie: No not every day, but if I leave the house. Some days I won't leave the house.
Camera Man: You never know.
Debbie: You never know, but if the mail man-
Camera Man: Absolutely.
Debbie: The UPS guy; he's a younger one now.
Camera Man: Okay, well absolutely.
Debbie: I think there's potential.