MAKEOVER: Incentive To Lose Weight, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

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Published: June 15, 2017

Subscribe : - Visit Website : - Linda was pretty down on herself. I thought she was stunningly beautiful and, as I often encounter, she couldn't see it. We took the long gray hair and cut it into a short inverted bob. The soft beige blonde plus the incredible makeup by Kami Kleven truly knocked years off. What difference in personality from her before to after. Truly the POWER of pretty.



Client Christopher Hopkins
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Linda: My name is Linda. I went on the internet and watched his videos.
Hairstylist: She has beautiful, thick hair, but it's thinning on top, which most people are used to at the age of 65. It feels so much thinner here, when it's so thick down here. We're taking this off. Length isn't always beautiful, but that's 3 years. Get rid of that.
Linda: Oh God.
Hairstylist: All right, you're done, $195 bucks.
Linda: All right.
Hairstylist: That's prettier, this of this.
Linda: I just really need to do something different with my hair and the way I look.
I think it was great. It was fun and I love the result. I love the color. I like the hair cut. I'm going to come back. I'm hoping that it will incentivize me to lose weight; maybe if I feel better about myself.
I think you knocked years off. I need a style that's more complimentary to my shape of face. It's for the shape of my face, and I think it really helped. I want to be maybe sassy, not flashy.
Camera Man: Oh, all right.
Linda: A little bit more prettier, yes, I do.
Camera Man: Awesome.

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