MAKEOVER: A Family Affair, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

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Published: June 15, 2017

Subscribe : - Visit Website : - Dawn preordered my book and was determined to make it all the way from Alaska. She did better than that, she bought makeovers for her two daughters and her mother and the 4 of them spent the day at reVamp! salonspa in MInneapolis. Four distinct personalities, I finally got Geri, Dawn's mom to give in just every so slightly on revealing some personality. Miriam was a little bit a pensive teen and Julian was ready for anything.

Robert: And Dawn where'd you come in from today?
Dawn: From half way between Palmer and Wasilla, Alaska.
Miriam: Miriam.
Robert: And Miriam where are you from?
Miriam: I'm from Alaska.
Jillian: My names Jillian.
Robert: And Jillian where did you come in from today?
Jillian: I'm from Austin, Texas also really from Alaska but I moved to Austin a little under a year ago.
Jerri: Jerri.
Robert: And Jerri where did you come in from today?
Jerri: Phoenix.
Christopher: You and two daughters, there's three?
Speaker 7: And mother.
Dawn: Yes.
Christopher: Oh, OK.
Speaker 7: But she's not here.
Christopher: Oh, OK.
Miriam? What a great name! You're everything, you're nuts.
Speaker 8: She's never been in a salon.
Christopher: Oh really?
Speaker 8: She's always done her own hair.
Christopher: Oh! Well can I make you beautiful?
Miriam: Yeah.
Christopher: Like Daryl Hannah.
Robert: Oh yeah, absolutely. Daryl Hannah.
Speaker 9: Blonde!
Robert: Good reaction Miriam!
Miriam: That I look better when it's over.
Robert: OK.
Miriam: I just like the way they styled it.
I don't want my hair to be two inches.
Robert: OK.
Speaker 10: Hey!
Jillian: I feel like my colors kind of bland. I'd like more dimension and maybe some different high-lighting or low-lighting in it.
I love the color a lot more. There's no more dead ends.
Robert: Phoenix, Arizona. Is that where you're originally from?
Jerri: No.
Robert: OK.
Christopher: You've got great hair! What do you normally do to style it? Has it grown out somewhat?
Jerri: I don't do anything. I comb it!
I want a hairstyle that is very easy to take care of.
Christopher: Normally it's just short?
Robert: OK. Is there anything that's warranting your makeover today?
Jerri: No.
I like it. I just hope I can keep it up!
Dawn: I just want to look better when I leave than when I came here.
Robert: OK.
Dawn: I am so happy. It does not look like I cut it myself.
This is cool because I like edgy.
My favorite part was watching my mom and my daughters. Their makeovers because they really deserve to have that. Yeah, that was my favorite part.

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