Dog gives his best friend a hug

Published June 14, 2017 22,812 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhen you decide to get another pet to keep your current one company, you have to ask yourself - what if they don’t like each other? It could be a torment for both animals. It is a Russian roulette of an idea, but when you do get it right, you are always treated with heartwarming sights.

Snickers the Chocolate Lab has learned how to give his buddy Boomer a hug in this heartwarming clip. These two are inseparable!

It might not be a tight hug, but our hearts are melting like butter on a hot summer day over here! Having a friend you can always understand is one of the greatest gifts of all. Boomer is so lucky to have good old SNickers by his side, even if it is for the treats :)


  • Tilav58, 3 years ago

    Love my boys and they definitely love each other.

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