Intense hail storm captured on camera

Published June 14, 2017 20,966 Plays

Rumble / Strange WeatherA hailstorm hit Skopje, the capital of Macedonia on 14 June 2017, after a day of high summer temperatures, unusual for this period. Hails as big as walnuts started falling from thick gray clouds, making it seem like it was almost nightfall.

This video was recorded from an office building in the center of the city, showing how the employees had to wait the storm out, since the hail hit just in time for the after-work commute.

No massive damages were reported that day, as hailstorms are known to cause hundreds of thousands in material damages.


  • Pax, 2 years ago

    Advice to the videographer: stay still! Zipping the view from side to side in an effort to catch jumping hailstones does no good for the video, but goes a long way toward making the video too annoying to watch through to the end. I didn't.

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