Squirrel pulls off classic Santa Claus impression

jacoffman200Published: June 14, 201717,438 views
Published: June 14, 2017

An Abert's squirrel (tufted ear squirrel) stuffs her face with cushion stuffing, probably with the intention to line her nest with it. She’s shoulders deep into the ripped cushion, digging the stuffing out, when she stands up and displays a flawless Santa Claus beard in the process!

The Abert's squirrels are native to the Rocky Mountain region, with the highest concentrations in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and the Grand Canyon. It is the female Abert's squirrels that build the nests on tree branches, with the base made of pine needles and lined with different materials.

This little girl obviously knows what’s best for her nest. She digs that stuffing out like snow is about to drop by the foot, but that impression is worth the ruined cushion! Hilarious.

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