Little Boy Is In For A Surprise When He Meets Mickey And Minnie

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Published: June 13, 2017Updated: June 14, 2017

Disneyland is an exciting place for everyone, whether you a kid or an adult, you won't be disappointed with the fun activities that are presented to you! We all get excited when we get to go to Disneyland, but little kids are definitely the most excited of all! Everything about this magical land is exciting for them, from the games and the rides! Best of all, they get to top off the day with their favourite characters. What a fantastic way to spend their day! One little boy had an experience of a lifetime when he met some of his favourite characters.

This incredible footage of a little boy meeting with Minnie, Mickey and Pluto has been watched multiple times on the internet for one adorable reason. When he met his favourite cartoon characters, he signed to them "nice to meet you", to which Minnie taps him on the shoulder, so he can see her signing back to him "nice to meet you too". This is so precious and such a heartwarming video!

This adorable kid was so happy he could understand his favourite characters. He couldn't contain his excitement and threw himself into Minnie's arms for a hug, and of course, he gives Mickey a great big hug too! We might need some tissues after watching this video!

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Credit: Olive Crest

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