MAKEOVER: Thin Fine Hair and a Small Head, by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

TheMakeoverGuyPublished: June 13, 2017Updated: June 14, 201717 views
Published: June 13, 2017Updated: June 14, 2017

Subscribe : - Visit Website : - Joyce came in from Hastings, Minnesota and was really not seeing her true beauty. Afraid of losing length, I left as much as possible while still having it fall into flattery. Margaret Bodensteiner created a very updated natural blonde creating a darker base and lighter ends. Kami Kleven taught some youthful makeup tricks and Joann Hopkins helped Joyce better understand how to dress for her body type.


Joyce: Joyce Murphy.
Robert: And Joyce how did you hear about us?
Joyce: Um, my coworker gave me a great birthday gift.
Joyce: Joyce from Hastings.
Christopher: You're really old.
Joyce: Old! Flabby.
Christopher: Class of ’82?
Joyce: Yes!
Christopher: Well there you have it.
Joyce: There it is.
Christopher: Why do we even show up in the morning?
Joann: She wants to fade into the woodwork and have not have anybody notice her.
Christopher; Me too.
Joann: We already did the silhouette.
Joyce: Well, I like my length.
Christopher: Of course.
Joyce: I think I put that on there.
Christopher: OK. Well there you have it.
Joyce: Because it's so thin I don't feel like shorter styles would me any better.
Christopher: She’s wrong. But it's okay.
Christopher: It will be dark into here and then light.
Stylist: And even a level seven, eight? I could do eight so we don't freak out too much.
Christopher: Like this somehow?
That’s better. See how the length comes up like that it looks better than this?
Colorist: Today on Joyce we are adding a little bit of depth and cooling off her color to make it more neutral. We are going to do a lot of hand painting so it looks very natural and the regrowth will be really nice and easy to maintain.
Christopher: What I have to do is not take your anxiety into myself because then I do not as good a job and I have to cut to make you look good.
Makeup Artist: We’re doing the whole lid with the all over light color. And this just evens out all of the skin tones and breaks it all up but using a color that is good for your eye color.
Joyce: I just want a fresh new look and get out of this ’80’s hairdo that I’ve had forever. I love my new look. Love it. Love the volume, the color, everything’s fabulous. I love it!
Joyce: Really short short haircut.
Christopher: Did you have a pixie when you were younger?
Joyce: I did! My mother kept me in a Pixie all the time.
Christopher: We’re creating a little volume. Look at that! Volume!
Joyce: I’m just amazed. Holy head of hair, I can’t believe it!
Christopher: You look very pretty. Do we agree now that you look very pretty? You can say it.
Joyce: Ok. I feel pretty.
Christopher: Good!
Friend: Look at you! Fabulous. Do you love it?
Joyce: Yeah. Do you like the color?
Friend: I love the color. I love the cut. I think you look spectacular.
Joyce: He is going to say “You look beautiful!”

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