MAKEOVER: Naturally Curly Hair

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Rumble Subscribe : - Visit Website : . Shirley came in after her husband gave her a much wanted makeover. Amy Zwievelhofer created hand crafted beachy highlights and I gave her the beachy hair to enhance her natural curl. Kami Kleven did some fantastic makeup to cover dark circles and to balance deep set and close set eyes.
Shirley: My name is Shirley Jones. I came in from Des Moines, Iowa. My name is Shirley Jones.
Christopher: Do you sing?
Shirley: No. That's what I always tell people, please don't make me sing, because I can't. I can't sing like her at all.
Christopher: If I could sing, people will say they're in love with Shirley Jones. I could die happy. Have you been cutting your own bangs?
Shirley: I might have.
Christopher: It would be better if you grow this out a little bit, but we can make it work.
Speaker 4: Do you want her to have a solid base for [inaudible 00:00:36]
Christopher: Yeah. I mean if you don't mind. I'd like it to be more brunette through here, not just points going all the way to the scalp. Just how it is right now looks great.
Speaker 4: Seriously. So much texture. I wish I had [inaudible 00:00:51]
Christopher: Look at her hair. She's not ...
Shirley: See [inaudible 00:00:53]
Speaker 4: No, oh my God.
Christopher: No. No.
Speaker 4: We are giving her kind of a baliage look. Taking her root level up a little bit, making it a little more of a beige tone, and hand painting through some lowlights as well as toning her highlights a little bit more of a champagne blonde.
Christopher: Natural curl. That's really pretty curls.
Shirley: I love the color, I love the cut, it's just fabulous. Makes me love my curls, actually.
Robert (behind camera): Well they look beautiful.
Shirley: Thank you.
Robert (behind camera): They look great.
Shirley: Thank you.
Speaker 5: I'm just going to go in between your eyelashes here. Can you see how you can kind of see in between?
Shirley: Yup.
Speaker 5: I'm going to use a pencil that's real easy to apply. It just makes your eyelash line appear a lot more full.
Shirley: Oh. Wow. Look at that. That's amazing!
Speaker 5: They're so soft.
Shirley: Well I have had Christopher's book, [00:02:00] Staging Your Comeback for a long, long time, for years and years. I've seen him on tv, I've followed him on Facebook. I love it. I love everything about it. The color, the cut, the makeup. My manicure, everything was fabulous. I just want to be a better version of myself. I have really dark circles under my eyes, and so I learned some ways today to hide those circles. Well my husband actually gave this to me for a gift for our 20th wedding anniversary, because he knows that I have wanted to do it for a long, long time. Well he'll be very, very happy with it, I know he will. He knows how much I have looked forward to this.
I have the best husband in the world. For me, being in my 50's and just wanting to improve upon the way that I look, not just for myself but for my husband too. I want him to be proud of me. I said, "What are you going to do if he cuts my hair really short?" He said whatever makes me happy is going to make him happy. Do I need to go this way?
Robert (behind camera): You can try that way.
Shirley: All right. I am so happy. I would recommend this to everyone.