Garth Brooks Gives His Guitar to Deserving Fan During Concert

ViralHog Published June 12, 2017 690 Plays $1.39 earned

Rumble Jeremy Larson is a 24-year-old regular guy from Montana who is an aspiring guitarist. If you were to ask him who his biggest inspiration is, he will surely say it’s Garth Brooks. Can you imagine what was going through his mind when he went to his second Garth Brooks concert in a row and he recognized him in the crowd?

Not only did Brooks recognize him and his sign, he recognized the aspiring artist in the young man and he personally handed him his Takamine acoustic guitar, the same one he was playing all through the concert.

Here’s what Jeremy has to say about this encounter: "I was at the Garth Brooks concert in Montana. I sat in the 2nd row on Saturday night. At the encore, I was holding the sign and Garth recognized me from a previous show I attended. He ended up giving me his guitar and I played along with him while he performed "Which One Of Them". It was a super amazing moment."